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10 tips to pre-order the iPhone X {thumbnail}

iPhone X pre-orders begin this week, and Apple's phone is going to be extremely limited, so much so that you may not get one until 2018. Of course, you could follow our pre-order advice and dramatically increase your chances of buying the new iPhone. It's the exact formula we'll use to buy one. So, what's

Five top tips on how to get a great refurbished phone deal {thumbnail}

In partnership with eBay Make Sure You're Looking At the Right Phone Before you look for deal, make sure you’ve found the perfect phone for you. There are hundreds of options on the eBay Refurbished Tech hub meaning you have a plethora of choices to make. We like the look of the iPhone 7 Plus,

Tips and tricks for getting started with Ubisoft’s The Division {thumbnail}

Getting started Move over Destiny – there’s a new huge online open-world shooter in town: The Division. The latest game from Ubisoft – the people behind Assassin’s Creed, Far Cry and Watch Dogs – The Division puts players in a post-apocalyptic New York, fighting to survive in a world that’s been decimated by a virus.

Mac Tips: How to use Split View on a Mac with OS X El Capitan {thumbnail}

With OS X El Capitan, the Mac finally gained modern multitasking capabilities with Split View. Building off the previously released full-screen feature, Split View fills the screen with two apps side by side as long as each is designed to support this mode. Setting up Split View is quick and easy, but the method isn’t

Tips for Looking for a College Of Information Technology In Trinidad

by Newton Free Library Tips for Looking for a College Of Information Technology In Trinidad Technology is a way of life and is inextricably interwoven with our daily activities in our modern world. With the growing demands for technology and information, it is recommended that you find a College Of Information Technology In Trinidad and