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Buying Guide: 10 best Chromebooks 2016: top Chromebooks reviewed {thumbnail}

Best Chromebooks You’re not interested in a low-end Windows laptop. Been there, done that. The entry-level specs weren’t enough to handle the demanding performance requirements of full Windows 10. Instead, the Linux-based Chrome OS piques your interest, an operating system representing what personal computing has been all about since its induction: the internet and your

buying guide: The best headphones 2016: which headphones should you buy? {thumbnail}

Best headphones: which set should you buy? You’ll never look at your music collection in the same way again after having listened to it with a decent pair of headphones. You’ll notice new details in songs that you might have already listened to thousands of times, and everything will have a clarity to it that

Buying guide: The best Fitbit accessories for your new fitness tracker {thumbnail}

The best Fitbit accessories Fitbit has a wide range of trackers to suit many budgets and needs; so wide in fact that we have an article dedicated purely to the best Fitbits. But while the devices themselves are many and varied that doesn’t mean there aren’t options to accessorise them and make them your own

Buying Guide: 10 best 2-in-1 laptops 2016: top hybrid laptops reviewed {thumbnail}

Best 2-in-1 laptops Update: Want a ZenBook 3 that doubles as a tablet? Asus has revealed just that. A 2-in-1 laptop, or hybrid notebook, is a mobile computer that can serve as both a laptop and a tablet, either in a detachable design that sees the touchscreen doubling as a tablet, or a convertible approach

Updated: Buying Guide: Best workstation: the top enterprise desktops {thumbnail}

Desktop Workstations What comes to mind when we say workstation? If you’re thinking some big, spaceship-like contraption, you’d traditionally be right. But these days, workstations are sleek and trendy machines that still provide intelligent performance for most applications. They’re useful tools for designers, engineers, financial analysts and researchers running more demanding applications, like rendering complex