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These broadband deals will end today: Cyber Monday bargains from BT, Virgin and Vodafone {thumbnail}

How did Black Friday treat you? Pick up a fancy new laptop? Finally take the plunge on a new PS4? Or were the bargain deals on the Google Home more your kind of thing? Well Cyber Monday is the time to sort out a new broadband deal that will ensure you get the best out

The Techapocalypse: why we need a giant shield to save us from the Sun {thumbnail}

Can you imagine a world without SnapChat, Google Maps and selfies? It may not sound like a world worth living in, but if we don't start thinking about how to protect Earth from the Sun, a techapocalypse could be on the cards sometime this century.  So says a study by Avi Loeb and Manasvi Lingam

Inside the Echo chamber: why Alexa’s now in everything – from BMW to Billy Bass {thumbnail}

Amazon's latest product push was its biggest yet. At its headquarters in Seattle, it recently announced a slew of new Amazon devices. Depending on where you are in the world, at least five of these were brand new.  To recap there was (deep breath): the all-new Amazon Echo 2nd Generation, the Amazon Echo Plus, The

Gamescom 2017: all the biggest gaming announcements from Cologne {thumbnail}

Update: Microsoft dropped a bombshell announcement at the end of its Age of Empires special keynote held during Gamescom: after 10 long years, it will finally publish Age of Empires IV. Microsoft also announced that following the re-release of the original Age of Empires, it will also release remasters of Age of Empires II and

Moto Z turned the modular smartphone from pipe dream to a reality {thumbnail}

In short time, Motorola has turned the modular smartphone from pipe dream into reality. And not just any reality, but a successful one at that. This success comes after a few public trials of modularity that, well, didn’t pan out so well… or at all. LG immediately comes to mind with its LG G5’ Friends