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Tidal is free for anyone for 12 days over Christmas, no strings attached {thumbnail}

Tidal is looking to bag some extra subscribers over the Christmas period by letting anyone try out the service free of charge for 12 days, starting on Christmas Day. If you've been meaning to check out what Tidal has to offer, then now's the perfect opportunity. The high fidelity music streaming service actually offers a

Telstra’s public Wi-Fi is going free tomorrow to celebrate World Wi-Fi Day {thumbnail}

For those of us who are constantly connected in today’s digital age, we tend to take our web accessibility for granted, either being connected to Wi-Fi or a mobile network at all times. But there are billions around the world who, as yet, have no internet access whatsoever. Organised by Wireless Broadband Alliance for the

Download of the day: Free Download Manager {thumbnail}

Free Download Manager Yes, it’s free, and yes, it’s a download manager. But why choose this particular free download manager when there are so many other free download managers to choose from? The short answer is that this free download manager does lots of useful things. In addition to http downloads it also handles secure

Download of the day: Avira Free Antivirus {thumbnail}

Avira Free Antivirus Avira Free Antivirus has held the top spot in our roundup of the best free Windows antivirus software for two years running, for good reason. It provides all-round protection for any device, giving you total peace of mind. There are also versions for Mac, iOS and Android. We know, we know, Macs

AVG beefs up its free antivirus software with extra malware protection {thumbnail}

Malware (particularly ransomware) is on the rise, and the pressure is on for antivirus developers to keep up. AVG has responded by adding an extra layer of protection to the 2017 edition of its security toolkit, with new safeguards against malware and unpatched software vulnerabilities. AVG Antivirus Free now includes real-time protection from zero-second malware