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Cyberpunk 2077 release date, trailer and news {thumbnail}

Update: Very little is known about Cyberpunk 2077 at the moment, other than the fact that it's still in development. However, one developer has drawn the attention of fans on Twitter recently by asking gamers what their "dream RPG" would involve.  Associate design director, Kevin Rowley, specifically asked this question with regards to side activities

Xbox One X release date, news, and features {thumbnail}

Update: It looks like not every game will look at its best in 4K resolution. Digital Foundry has played through a segment from Rise of the Tomb Raider in both 4K and Full HD modes and found that in 4K the game suffered from some unfortunate framerate troubles. Granted, this is non-final code and so

iPhone 8 Plus release date, news and rumors {thumbnail}

Update: Wireless charging might not be ready in time for the launch of the iPhone 8 Plus, but the phone could have a mirrored finish and a new video shows off a dummy iPhone 8 unit in detail. This year marks the tenth anniversary of the original iPhone. It has almost been 10 years since

iPhone 8 release date, news and rumors {thumbnail}

Update: iPhone 8 rumors are in the news because the Apple WWDC 2017 conference is this week. We may get hints of Apple's new iPhone when iOS 11 is announced and if the Cupertino company unveils AR features. We're also seeing iPhone 8 images that point to good news: evidence the fingerprint scanner may be

Madden 18 news, release date, trailer and cover athlete {thumbnail}

A new year, a new football season. Madden 18 has RSVP’d for E3 2017 and will be out just in time for the start of the 2018 NFL season.  Can’t wait to get back on the gridiron? We hear you. But before you head out to play in the big leagues, spend some time here