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Take note: these could be the Samsung Galaxy Note 8’s final specs {thumbnail}

We've heard a number of hardware-related Samsung Galaxy Note 8 rumors regarding leading up to the device's expected launch in New York on August 23, however, a new leak reported by VentureBeat just might have revealed the upcoming handset's final specs.  According to noted leaker Evan Blass, the Galaxy Note 8 will pack the same

A MacBook Air with USB-C could be on the way (but don’t expect an 11-inch model) {thumbnail}

More chatter from the MacBook grapevine (or should that be Apple-vine? – no, probably not) has emerged reinforcing the prospect of revamped offerings being revealed before the month is out, including a new 13-inch MacBook Air with USB-C. The latest from Japanese tech site Mac Otakara is that according to its sources, Apple will unveil

The iPhone 7 camera could have a significant new feature {thumbnail}

It appears that only the iPhone 7 Plus will get a dual-lens camera, but while the standard iPhone 7 will likely be stuck with a single-lens snapper that’s not to say its photographic skills won’t be improved over the iPhone 6S, and one improvement could come in the form of optical image stabilization (OIS). OIS

Running any of these security suites? You could be in serious trouble {thumbnail}

A good number of internet security suites carry worrying flaws that could leave users open to exploit, according to some new research. Cybersecurity firm enSilo found no less than six common problems which affect over 15 different AV products, all of which derive from the errant implementation of code hooking (used to monitor operating system

Apple’s new proposal for streaming music royalties could leave Spotify out of pocket {thumbnail}

Copyright regulators in the US are currently working out ways of improving the incredibly complex system for calculating how much artists get paid when one of their songs is streamed on Spotify, Google Play Music, Apple Music or any of the other services. Apple has put forward a proposal of its own, according to Billboard,