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Black Friday 2017: all you need to know about the biggest shopping day of the year {thumbnail}

On Black Friday weekend last year, adults in the UK spent an average of £117 each. That's a total spend of £6.45 billion – enough to buy every British man, woman and child a Fire TV Stick, a pair of glasses that make your eyes think you're on magic mushrooms and 16 of those awesome

Cyber Monday 2017: everything you need to know about this year’s deals {thumbnail}

Cyber Monday marks the end of what's usually the biggest shopping weekend of the year, starting with the Thanksgiving holiday moving into Black Friday: after celebrating with their families, droves of shoppers then hit the high street to pick up any bargains they can get their hands on. The term "Cyber Monday" was coined more

How Overwatch made competitive gamers care about story {thumbnail}

When you think shooters you probably think less story and more just doming guys in the head. This should be especially true for multiplayer shooters; however, Overwatch is one of the shining exceptions to that rule. The game is filled with a rich cast of characters with intricate relationships and deep backstories that are still

Project Scorpio: everything we know about Microsoft’s 4K-ready Xbox {thumbnail}

Update: There's a good chance we could find out more information about Project Scorpio even sooner than the Xbox E3 conference on June 11.  In a recent interview with IGN, Xbox head Phil Spencer said that though the console will be at the show 'doing everything at E3 would be difficult' and as a result

E3 2016: Battlefield 1 is everything old you loved about the series with new ideas {thumbnail}

When DICE first announced it Battlefield 1 was taking the series into a new alternative World War I history, I was delighted in the new direction but at the same time it felt a gimmick on some level. However, after seeing the game in action and its glorious return to environmental destruction, I can see