Computer Accessories – No Longer Just For Geeks

Computer Accessories – No Longer Just For Geeks In days gone by even the mere mention of computer accessories would conjure up images of teenage geeks all clambering over each other to More »

The Future of LCD Technology

The Future of LCD Technology In the midst of discussions and debates on the choice of an innovative television in the contemporary market environment, the question about the future of existing technologies More »

The Modern Technology Grid

The Modern Technology Grid While it is undoubtedly true that there is upward momentum in, for example, computer hardware technology- every year they are a third to twice as fast and hold More »

Computer Technology

Computer Technology Computer technology just like other technologies has developed overtime and has also influenced our lives in different ways.  The research in human-computers interaction has been very successful and has influenced More »


12 great Boxing Day sales deals you can still buy {thumbnail}

Boxing Day is over. You're either back at work, or dreading the thought of having to return. But that doesn't mean you've missed your chance for a bargain – as you've seen on our main Best Boxing Day Deals page we've spent days scouring the retailers for the best deals around. That page is still

Tidal is free for anyone for 12 days over Christmas, no strings attached {thumbnail}

Tidal is looking to bag some extra subscribers over the Christmas period by letting anyone try out the service free of charge for 12 days, starting on Christmas Day. If you've been meaning to check out what Tidal has to offer, then now's the perfect opportunity. The high fidelity music streaming service actually offers a

Facebook now lets you know if you’re in photos even if you’re not tagged {thumbnail}

If you're one of those poor saps who often gets told you look like someone else, get ready for a barrage of notifications from Facebook saying someone uploaded a photo of you. That, at least, is the worst-case scenario for Facebook's latest feature, which automatically notifies you if anyone uploads a photo that looks like

Microsoft’s rumored foldable Surface device may have just appeared in a new patent {thumbnail}

Back in October we reported that Microsoft might be ready to revive its "Courier" digital journal that was cancelled in 2010, and this week a new patent surfaced that may show us what the device looks like. The patent, which was filed by members of the Microsoft Surface team (and spotted by MSPoweruser), refers to

Here’s what PUBG on Xbox One needs to change to survive on the console {thumbnail}

There are those who will always claim that you can’t beat a mouse and keyboard for playing shooters, and that gamepad-controlled games are crazy for even trying. I’ve always had some sympathy for this opinion, but equally there have been many games over the years which have discovered that with the right allowances a controller