Computer Accessories – No Longer Just For Geeks

Computer Accessories – No Longer Just For Geeks In days gone by even the mere mention of computer accessories would conjure up images of teenage geeks all clambering over each other to More »

The Future of LCD Technology

The Future of LCD Technology In the midst of discussions and debates on the choice of an innovative television in the contemporary market environment, the question about the future of existing technologies More »

The Modern Technology Grid

The Modern Technology Grid While it is undoubtedly true that there is upward momentum in, for example, computer hardware technology- every year they are a third to twice as fast and hold More »

Computer Technology

Computer Technology Computer technology just like other technologies has developed overtime and has also influenced our lives in different ways.  The research in human-computers interaction has been very successful and has influenced More »


Kodi users can now access Plex for free {thumbnail}

Savvy techies who want all their media ready to go for the big screen have probably heard of Kodi, and those who want to take the highly customizable home theater software a step further have definitely heard of the make-your-own-streaming-service Plex. For those looking to combine the two services into an all-in-one personal cinema haven,

Best shows on Netflix (September 2017): 40 best Netflix TV series {thumbnail}

Best Netflix Shows: Welcome to TechRadar's guide to the best shows and TV series you can stream on Netflix in the United States. Want to know what the best Netflix TV shows and best Netflix series are right now? Well pull up a seat, you’ve come to the right place.  We've scoured the video streaming

New HTC U11 launches with 128GB storage and 6GB of RAM {thumbnail}

The HTC U11 is one of our best phones, but for UK buyers an even better model is about to land: one with 128GB of storage (up from the 64GB that’s currently available). And that’s not the only difference, as it’s also boosted from 4GB to 6GB of RAM, making it even more powerful than

The A to Z of Photography: Dynamic range {thumbnail}

Ever taken a photo at sunrise or sunset, only to find that either the sky looks washed out, or that the foreground is a dark and dingy mess with no detail visible whatsoever?  In high-contrast scenes such as these, the brightest and darkest parts of the scene are much more extreme than on a typical

Gamescom 2017: all the biggest gaming announcements from Cologne {thumbnail}

Update: Microsoft dropped a bombshell announcement at the end of its Age of Empires special keynote held during Gamescom: after 10 long years, it will finally publish Age of Empires IV. Microsoft also announced that following the re-release of the original Age of Empires, it will also release remasters of Age of Empires II and