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Computer Phobias

by DavidErickson Computer Phobias Years ago around the end of January I would develop Chinophobia (fear of snow). Maybe it was because we had 3-5 feet of snow and I was ready for spring. Over the years I have developed “temporary phobias” for a number of good reasons. A phobia is a handy

Design and technology

by ddrucker Design and technology Creative Careers for the 21st Century Information and its use in a digital environment is undergoing a transition in the mid-1990s that is similar to and in some ways more portentous than the introduction of the Gutenberg printing press 500 years ago. For complete details about study in uk, visit

Computer Science

by vonguard Computer Science In 1958, Chaim Pekeris completed a landmark project in computer science. As a physicist at the Weizmann Institute of Technology in Israel, he become fascinated with the relatively new science of quantum mechanics and its potential to explain from first principles the behaviour of atoms. There was a problem however. The

Ethernet Technology

by vonguard Ethernet Technology People has known the Ethernet technology since coaxial cable connection system was created to comprise of various computers and technological devices by PARC or Palo Alto Research Center Inc. (then known as XEROX PARC). Therefore, it is the oldest yet mostly used for networking until the present day.   Three years

Tft Display Technology

by Andrew* Tft Display Technology TFT displays are a type of liquid crystal display (LCD) that uses the thin film transistor (TFT) technology. Most commonly used as display units for computers and TVs, TFT modules have become the new standard in viewing digital media. They contain thousands of pixels (transistors) made of a thin film